About us



Virtual Consultation Spine is the first fully automated medical consultation software.

It implements the process of collection of medical data specific to the patient’s pathology and analysis of these data through a decision tree, translated into computer algorithm. This allows you to select the most likely diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment.

This software does not use the information available on the net or computer databases.

It is based on the knowledge and experience of real surgeons and other specialists who devote their activity mainly or entirely  to spine pathologies.

The scientific committee members are involved in various stages of  conception, refining and control of the software.

Through their work, patients have a software allowing information about their specific problem with precision and depth unknown until now: the most likely diagnoses and appropriate treatments in their case.

This software is not intended to replace a consultation with your doctor, but we hope that our work allows you a better understanding of your problem with a better chance of  recovery.


portraitDr Istvàn HOVORKA MD
President of the Scientific Committee
Member of the Norths American & European Spine Societies
Exclusive Spine Surgery
Nice,France & Monaco