• News 6 Lanc Log

    Software launch

    Release of the software « Virtual Consultation Spine » on the Apple Store. The dedicated website is online.

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  • News 5

    Feasibility study

    Introduction of the feasibility study on patients with thoracic and lumbar spine affections. The tests involve understanding, relevance and satisfaction. Analysis of the results and modifications.

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  • News 4 Revision


    Beginning of review by the Scientific Committee.

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  • News 3 Test Algo

    Test phase

    End of the development work and beginning of the test phase. Control of the computer algorithm.

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  • News 2 Transcr Inf

    Informatics transcription

    End of writing of chapters’ contents and starting of the computer transcription on Iphone.

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  • Start of works

    Start of developing of Virtual Consultation Spine software. The application works on the iPhone and requires no network connection to prevent hacking of personal medical data. The software makes an analysis of the information provided by the user, like a doctor during a medical consultation …

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