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    How Smartphones Are Facilitating Better Health Care?

    « What do you get when you combine the tech industry with the health care industry? One answer is “mHealth,” which the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services defines as “the use of mobile and wireless devices to improve health outcomes, healthcare services, and health …

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    Virtual Consultation Spine : medical diagnosis on mobile!

    « A new iPhone application for people suffering from spine pathologies has been launched: Virtual Consultation Spine. Discovery. Virtual Consultation Spine is a software intended for patients directly, allowing a computerized medical consultation of the spine. » 27 mai 2013 — rteston

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    Digital Health on CES 2014

    The Digital Health Summit is an important conference and exhibition at the 2014 International CES®. The Summit focuses on the emerging market of consumer-based digital health and wellness devices, related applications and services. Telehealth systems, electronic medical records, therapeutic and diagnostic medical devices, monitoring devices for …

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    Patients decision making / considering spine surgery

    « Spine surgeons are becoming more aware of the importance of shared decision making and how the quality of this process may be a stronger predictor of outcomes than the technical details of the actual operation……having the patient truly understand the potential risks and benefits is …

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    Article in « 20minutes »

    « Un chirurgien niçois lance une appli pour les problèmes de dosUn diagnostic sans passer chez le docteurC’est une petite révolution dans le monde de la médecine. « Premier logiciel de consultation médicale entièrement automatisée », Virtual consultation spine est  une application pour les personnes souffrant de pathologies …

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    Computer based diagnosis ?

    With intelligent computers able to store and process vast stores of knowledge, the hope is that they would become perfect « doctors », assisting clinicians with task like diagnosis and helping patients is their decision-making. Some enthusiasts are saying that artificial intelligence may disrupt healthcare in the …

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    Artificial Intelligence in medicine

    ‘Medical artificial intelligence is primarily concerned with the construction of AI programs that perform diagnosis and make therapy recommendations. Unlike medical applications based on other programming methods, such as purely statistical and probabilistic methods, medical AI programs are based on symbolic models of disease entities …

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    CES 2014

    Meet us at CES 2014 Las Vegas Official presentation of Virtual Consultation Spine at 2014 Consumer Electronic Show.

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    New « mobile friendly » internet site

    Release of new website containing texts, images and videos. The site « responsible » is specially formated to be mobile-friendly : adapted for mobile phones and other mobile electronic devices.

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    Scientific Presentation

    Presentation of the software Virtual Consultation Spine on the 24th Scientific Meetings of the GPS group – 17-20 january, Courchevel, France. Dr Hovorka

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