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    Health information on the internet

    « Health information is one of the most frequently sought topics on the Internet. A review of the literature was carried out to determine the use of the Internet for health information by the patient and how this could affect the patient–health professional relationship. The review …

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    How is low back pain diagnosed?

    The diagnosis of low back pain involves a history of the illness and a physical examination. It is essential that a complete story of the back pain be reviewed including injury history, aggravating and alleviating conditions, associated symptoms (fever, numbness, tingling, incontinence, etc.), as well …

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    Version 3 of Virtual Consultation Spine – « coming soon » !! :))

    A very new and more user friendly version of our apps is on the way… we based these modifications on your feed-back, so thanks! Hope that you will like it !!!!

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    America Asks About Back Pain

    Find the Right Treatment for Your Back Pain By  R. Morgan Griffin « What will help your back pain? There are a lot of choices. Your best plan depends on your specific case. For instance, has your back been hurting for a couple of days, or a …

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    Apps checks out some of your moles !

    « Liver spots, moles, silly little bumps and stains that will not go away–have you ever wondered what your skin “thing” is ?  Maybe you are concerned that it is melanoma – should you get it checked out? The SpotCheck 2 app was developed to allow users …

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    The rise of medical apps

    It is no more ‘An apple a day keeps a doctor away’. Let us put it this way, ‘An app a day keeps illness at bay.’ Leaving aside the fact that these two leave out doctors entirely, it is amazing how health is now becoming …

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    Before the appointment with a doctor…

    Before the appointment with a doctor,  you might want to prepare a list of answers to the following questions: When did you first notice this problem? Has it worsened with time? Have your parents or siblings ever had similar symptoms? Do you have other medical …

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    Digital Health Summit – Change the Future !

    LAS VEGAS, January 7-10 2014, LVCC, South Hall 2 Billions of dollars will be spent on Digital Health over the next few decades by a tech-enabled adult population and by medical institutions. The pace of innovation in the Digital Health arena outpaces all other areas …

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    For the FIRST TIME : artificial intelligence based software created by spine surgeons makes possible to diagnose your back problem and suggest adapted treatment options. Back pain, sciatica, scoliosis – the causes of back pain can be complex and it is often difficult to get an …

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    Back pain – what to do?

    « The more knowledgeable you are, the more comfortable you will be participating in your treatment and recovery. » 38 Questions to Ask Your Surgeon Before Having Back Surgery By: Stephanie Burke surgery

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