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    Why we did it ? Idea N° 1

    We want to take care of our health, understand our symptoms, know everything about our disease, choose between treatment options and participate in decisions that affect us. And you know that is not easy to find clear information adapted to your case…

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    and more about us! ….and read some more!

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  • Logo Pro

    Presse about us! Please read this review about our app!

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  • CES2014


    Dr HOVORKA presented and explained our software on CES 2014, Digital Health Session – how he created the Artificial Intelligence module decoding medical thinking! We had interesting contacts and questions!

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  • OurboothCES

    Our booth on CES 2014 !

    We had more visitors than expected on CES 2014 – THANK YOU for your interest in our software!

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  • Prod Trt Ang

    Scientific presentations of Virtual Diagnosis Spine

    The Virtual Diagnosis Spine was presented by Dr Istvan Hovorka on medical conventions in 2013 : – the « Budapest Spine Conference » (29-30 November 2°13) – the GIEDA – Inter-Spine Group International, 26th meeting (13-14 December 2013) It was welcomed by spine specialists !

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  • CES1

    Digital Health in Las Vegas

    “Consumers of health-related apps and hardware devices constitute the fastest growing segment of the technology market, ” said Robin Raskin, founder of Living in Digital Times. “The Summit will explore the rapidly growing wearables market, mobile health apps, sensor-based technology, telemedicine, the Internet of Things …

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    Digital Health

    On January 1, 2014, the entire healthcare industry will change. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) will go into effect and technology will play a key role in transforming the way consumers, payers and providers interact within the healthcare ecosystem. Consumers now have the opportunity to …

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    Come to see Virtual Diagnosis Spine on CES 2014, session Digital Health!!!!!

    Our booth is n° 26622, South Hall, Digital Health session

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  • Virtual Diagnosis Spine

    Virtual Diagnosis Spine and Virtual Diagnosis Spine Pro

    See version 1 of our Virtual Diagnosis Spine Pro and version 3 of Virtual Diagnosis Spine (called before Virtual Consultation Spine ) on App store !!!!

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