( 55 years old, Newark, USA)

Hello, my name is Ilene, I have spent 30 min with your apps (Virtual Consultation Spine) and I found it informative, interesting and inspiring. I had my “most probable” diagnosis and I understand my problem. Thanks!


44 years old, Tiverton, Great Britain

Down through the years I have suffered periodically from sciatica.
Doctors proposed different treatments, but I am sceptical by nature and can not make a decision. With this apps, I could think it over quietely, at home. I understand better my treatment options.


38 years old, Alençon, France

I’ve had a scoliosis and a kyphosis as long as I can remember and consulted different specialists. Now I am thinking about surgery. Your apps helped me to make a point about my problem and I have my « medical report » in hand to give to my surgeon (who is still to find !).


45 years old, Poitiers, France

Patients seeking for medical information increasingly turn to resources such as the Internet. This apps is better : it gives personal information based on your answers.


49 years old, Chichester, Great Britain

I tested your apps. It is a little bit long to answer (I had to restart twice) but it helps a lot ! In fact, I had the same diagnosis as with my doctor but I took my time to read all the explanations and it is clear now in my mind (that I don’t need any rehabilitation – it won’t help in my case).


55 years old, Newark, USA

Back pain happens to everyone and, for some, is a life-changing story. We start to search help when the pain is severe enough to interfere with activities we need, or want to do. There are many health care practitioners who treat back pain – the family doctor, chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage therapist, acupuncturist, orthopaedic surgeon, neurosurgeon, rheumatologist, even psychiatrist and psychologist… Each approaches your problem from a very different perspective and the approach is often based on their formal training and their clinical experience. This software will not replace them, but helps you to decide your own approach, to decide where to start, who consult ? You will spend some time by answering the questions but at the end, in addition to your diagnosis, you can keep your case report.