TOP 5 reasons

The spine, unlike other joints, is composed of multiple bones, articulations, sometimes it supports excessive loads, it contains important and vulnerable neurological structures. Spine pathologies are numerous and complicated, medical advices are often diverging.
For the 1st time, a computer software makes possible :

Obtain a personal diagnosis without a doctor

To obtain a diagnosis, information about the case will be collected then this information will be analyzed to identify the most probable pathologies and indicate complementary examinations to take and appropriate treatment. Thats’s what your doctor will do. This software is operating in the same manner.

Have an impartial advice

Your doctor will not consider only your pathology but your personnality, situation, behavior. This is very valuable. This software will analyze the information of your pathology alone. This can be considered as a value as well because it will be impartial.

Have it on your Iphone, take with you everywhere

You can complete or modify your answers, consult the explanations and the analysis when you have time. There is no need of internet connection so it will work everywhere and your data are secure.

Obtain a detailed and structured report of your case that you can show to your doctor

During a consultation, your doctor needs time to identify your case history, symptoms. This software will help you to structure your information that will optimize the time with your doctor making the consultation more efficient.

You can be among the firts who have this new technology

Computer revolution has its products. There is no doubt that computers play chess better than men, that they are able to conduct trains, airplanes, that they can make face recognition, and that in the future they will take in charge an important part of the medicine. This is the first time that a computer program based on the experience of highly specialized doctors can make a personal diagnosis.