Virtual Diagnosis Spine

  • Prod Logiciel FrAng


    This software has been created to be able to collect and analyze all information concerning your back pain. Analysis of these data provided by the software gives possible diagnosis, detailed information and possible treatment options.

  • Prod Quest FRAng


    Questions are asked about details that are important in your. Depending on your answers, you will be directed to other issues to refine your diagnosis. This is an « intelligent questionnaire » built the same way a specialist asks questions during a real medical consultation. Information about pain, possible neurological signs, old trauma and your previous operations are considered. The meaning of the questions and the interpretation of your answers are explained.

  • Prod Exam

    Clinical Examination

    Clinical examination, to be optimal, must be performed by a physician. However, if someone can help you, simple tests can be reproduced. The software explains these tests and their meanings, includes information that can be deduced.

  • Prod Analyse Ang

    X-ray Analysis

    If you have X-rays, you can interpret the most important signs using this apps.

  • Prod Int Exams Ang

    Integration of examination results

    The results of complementary examinations can be interpreted by the software that increases the precision of the analysis.

  • Prod Interpret Ang


    The information is analyzed using a complex algorithm that evaluates the data and provides the most likely diagnosis and treatment options.

  • Prod Dg Ang


    The most likely diagnoses are explained so that you can understand everything without extensive medical knowledge.

  • Prod Trt Ang


    Explanation of different treatment options: non-invasive treatments, useful exercises, minimally invasive surgery and spine corrections.

  • Prod Rapport Ang ..


    The software generates a document containing the most information information of your case in a medical report. This report presents the information in a way that is easy to read, it will be useful during your consultation with a specialist who can treat you in a more efficient way. You can print it or send it by mail – however, keep in mind that secrecy can be compromised if you transfer it on the net !