FRENCH PRESSE (« 20 Minutes »)

Diagnosis without a doctor

It’s a small revolution in the world of medicine. »The first fully automated medical consultation software, » Virtual Diagnosis Spine is an application for people who suffer from back diseases, and who are keen to learn about their health. It was the surgeon Istvan Hovorka, doing « 450 surgeries and thousands of consultations every year » at the Clinique Saint George in Nice, who designed this virtual consultation tool, together with the help of a scientific committee composed of spine surgeons.Based on a complex algorithm that retranscribes the doctor’s analysis, the application uses the patient’s responses to « indicate the most likely diagnoses and treatments to follow, » explains Dr. Hovorka. « This tool is a new step in patient information, » assures the spine specialist. For Dr. Hovorka is convinced that a better informed patient is an easier patient to treat.

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