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  • News 3 Test Algo

    IDEA N° 4

    Physicians have asked the question: if a computer program is able to drive a plane, to buy shares on the stock exchange, to recognize a face – why could he not diagnose diseases? Explain in detail the pathology and suggest treatment options? Decode medical thinking …

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  • Im3

    IDEA N° 3

    So we asked ourselves : How to get reliable information, medically correct and targeted to our personal health problems? We can see a doctor – but he will have enough time to explain everything? 20 minutes of medical consultation is enough for you doctor to …

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  • 2

    IDEA N° 2

    We seek to educate ourselves on the Internet, but we are faced with the extreme heterogeneity of the information found there… Just enter : « spine treatment » or « back pain diagnosis » or  » herniated disk » – see what we mean???? and so on and …

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  • Im1

    Why we did it ? Idea N° 1

    We want to take care of our health, understand our symptoms, know everything about our disease, choose between treatment options and participate in decisions that affect us. And you know that is not easy to find clear information adapted to your case…

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